Original Sinners members hail from across the planet with pilots from the forests of Canada to the Australian outback.

Our strongest showing is currently in late USTZ.

We have roots stretching back deep into the history of New Eden. Some of our members have been flying together for over a decade, while some of our members came to us as green newbros.

We don’t care very much about ISK, assets or skillpoints, although we don’t deny their usefulness. We care about how well you’ll fit in with our group of spaceship nerds. If you value laughs/hour over ISK/hour and can handle being the butt of the joke when it’s your turn, chances are you’ll find yourself amongst friends.

PvP is our member’s main focus. Solo, small gang roaming, black ops, fleet and capital engagements, we don’t care so long as we get to shoot some other spaceship nerd. That said, ISK does have it’s uses and our members take advantage of the numerous methods available to generate their own.

Original Sinners is a member of NullSechnaya Sholupen.


The Breakup

Vince Draken: I want to apologise in advance for the behaviour of @[–SIN] Brothuhbob which includes treason and a total disregard for for the rest of the alliance. They have also been in talks for the last few days with @Criterion and have made the decision to abandon this alliance and our family Panfam. As such I have taken the decision to brand both @Criterion and @Original Sinners as traitors so with this in mind we will be switching our entire alliance focus to these to corporations and NSH. They have tried to facilitate this movement while I have been busy with the reopening of society across the UK and Europe so much so I found out from Everyone but those in these two corporations who frankly have weak leadership and follow a sociopath. As these two corporations have behaved in such a underhanded and coward like fashion as of 00:01 tonight they will be treated no different too anyone else who is hostile to us and will lose all access to NC and Panfam structures. This is then likely to include anything owned by Tapi. To ensure we remain true to ourselves and our history I will also be restricting their access to any Drone region citadels until further notice. This perhaps might feel like a hard ball reaction to a decision these corps have made however they have done done so during a period of downtime and during a period of RL rebuild. I am more than happy to discuss this with those who want to discuss this individually. Please feel free to DM me directly.

NC Alliance Leader Vince Draken


Original Sinners Official Press Release

We would like to thank everyone who reached out to myself and the other Sinners and Criterion directors wishing us well. It helped a ton knowing we didn’t have to sink in this ship alone.

Friday, 9 June–A day that will live in infamy; Vince Draken, Executor Northern Coalition. Alliance, pinged to everyone in NCdot that my corp (Sinners) and our close friends in Critierion were “branded as traitors” and that NC would “we will be switching our entire alliance focus to these to corporations (Original Sinners and Criterion) and NSH.” This radical action was completely unwarranted and done without speaking to our directors or corp ceo’s. Vince pinged at 2200 eve (5pm Central USTZ), that our corps would be hostile at 0001 eve. This action left us to move everything we owned in just about 3 hours by the time we could reach out to all of our corp members. Instead of going full rage mode in return, we reached out to alliance leadership in an attempt to let cooler heads prevail. No allies were awoxed, nothing was stolen, and no chat logs were leaked. But before we go into that, let me clue you all in on what measures went into making sure no one was blindsided when our corps dropped the alliance.

The initial idea to look elsewhere for content and new and interesting people to unalive, only came up 2 weeks prior. Brothubob and I had the honor of being invited to another corp directors wedding and over the course of the weekend we spoke of the war and eve in general. The last night we were all together we hatched a plan between the 3 of us. To leave Northern Coalition on good terms and attack an enemy we’ve always wanted to fight but could not before. Fast forward to the 6th of July where we laid the plan out to our directors and voted on what people thought. The 7th was our internal corp meeting where we told our corp and let them ask questions and decide if this is what they want to do. The 8th of July we started to reach out to alliance leadership regarding our choice to head off any hurt feeling or bad blood that may come up. ALL alliance leaders were notified.

This leads us to the 9th and the @ everyone ping branding us as traitors to the alliance for wanting to leave the alliance and peruse other goals. I want to stress the following points. At no point did the directors of Original Sinners try to poach any corp or members from Northern Coalition or the PAPI coalition as a whole. At no point did Original Sinners take any sensitive data or mirror any forums. At no point did Original Sinners try to “sneak out of the alliance”. We intended on moving assets out the 18th of July following adequate time to notify the alliance leadership and answer any questions or give people time to speak their peace.

The decision of Vince to burn us on the way out forced us to consolidate what would’ve been a week and a half to two weeks of moving assets to 3 days. The history of the time our directors have been in NC, not once have we seen a corp treated this way before. Considering that Sinners and Crit aren’t going to a hostile alliance like SYNDA, HIRR and MVN chose to. This was following the hard work put forth from members of our corp over the time Sinners was in NC.

I would be doing them a disservice if I didn’t thank those important people who ensured we didn’t get fucked over and helped us extract or mediated our case with the alliance. One of the most reoccurring themes in our director channel over the last week was our gratitude of our friends. We know who you are and we won’t forget it.         

I suppose the bowtie to tie this story together would be that both of the corps leaving NC will join Nullsechnaya Sholupen. The leadership of NSH is a group of guys we have a lot of positive experiences with and we look forward to the adventures to come.


Original Sinners relationship to NSH

Original Sinners first met the core members of NSH during their time in Escalating Entropy (CHAOS) when a few main corps from NSH joined CHAOS.

The Sinners Vote

Original Sinners vote

MoveOp Ping